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Teamwork Brings Out The Best In Doers

Managers in today’s complex organizations are discovering that getting staff together to develop a common set of goals is not only difficult, but it is frequently divisive and disruptive to the normal work flow. Their challenge is to meld the individual perceptions and expectations into a unified vision. The primary obstacles keeping employees from coming […]

Responsibility Charting Empowers Low Performers

Organizations with multiple work sites typically set up an automated system of digital charts so that project leaders can assemble a virtual team without ever having the members meet in person. Instead, they gather on-line in chat rooms to discuss tasks, seek consultation, and keep each other informed. This virtual, exacting style is useful in […]

Responsibility Charting Is A Dynamic Productivity Tool

Responsibility Charting is a dynamic productivity tool that has many uses. For example, a government agency with a reputation for substandard performance was assigned a new director who was determined to turn things around. A productivity study disclosed that the average staff person spent nearly 40 percent of each day in meetings trying to correct […]

Responsibility Charting Tracks Roles And Relationships

  The best way to understand how to use Responsibility Charting is to think of a situation where the outcome failed to achieve the results you expected. Then, make note of the various tasks each of the folks involved should have undertaken and the order in which each task should have been completed. Now, visualize […]

Responsibility Charting Pulls Doers Together

The purpose in forming an organization is to create a place where individuals achieve collectively what they cannot accomplish alone. According to Christopher Avery, author of Teamwork Is An Individual Skill, “Becoming skilled at doing more with others may be the single most important thing you can do to increase your value—regardless of your level of […]

Doers Are Natural Problems Solvers

When you set out to resolve problems that are outside your sphere of influence, there is often no clear place to start. Unless a particular situation is begging for your attention, start by making a list of outcomes where the results failed to meet expectations. Use the four-step, problem-solving guide as your template, filling in […]

Doers Are At The Center Of Collaborative workplaces

Our education system teaches students to compete against each other for recognition and rewards. Having been taught collectively and tested individually throughout their formative years, graduates find the transition from learning to earning difficult because the teaching and testing processes are reversed. First-time job placements enter the workforce valuing only what they can do for […]