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Doers Thrive on Change

Performance-challenged employees will typically band together in opposition to the need for improvement. They are also the first to point out even the smallest faults of their performance-minded teammates whenever the need for change is mentioned. Fearing the loss of status, they view progress as a threat to their longevity. Because the low producers have […]

Rejection Is No Big Deal Rejection hurts and the pain can linger for a lifetime. The fear of rejection can control your life. Since there’s not much you can do about it, what’s the point of learning from rejection? The answer is that learning from rejection will give you more control. You’ll also discover how to use it as […]

Personal Interaction Builds Trust

Time is a precious commodity in today’s pressure packed workplace. People are expected to form trusting relationships quickly—which is difficult when there is so much to get done. The widespread adoption of electronic messaging systems has further reduced interpersonal communications, making the development of trust even less likely. No one can fault you for relying […]

Doers Help Control Rumors

We all love a juicy piece of gossip now and then. Even if we do not want to believe it, we still want to hear it. Unfortunately, those few who take delight in spreading rumors do not seem to realize that their mean spirited game-playing can harm innocent people. Here is a real life story […]

Performance Confirmation Encourages Doers

Doers expect their leaders to form teams and to act in a team-like fashion. If they do not see teamwork modeled from above, there is no inspiration for them to make the necessary compromises to work with their peers cooperatively. Organizations without teamwork at the upper levels develop a reputation for dissent, not cooperation. Doers […]

Honest Feedback Reinforces Performance

Leaders should be continuously providing evaluations and honest feedback, while addressing poor performance and inappropriate behavior in a timely way. Evaluations contribute to the overall morale of the workforce; the immediate feedback clears up confusion, reinforces excellence, and helps reassure people that their growth within the company is on track. When hard work is recognized, […]

Acting On Assumptions Fosters Mistrust

Mistrust in the workplace is often the result of leaders and followers who do not bother to confirm their assumptions about a given situation before either or both take action to rectify a problem the cause of which neither fully understand. Here is an example. A production line supervisor needed some routine information from Larry […]

Valuative Coaching Upgrades Performance

Supervisors sometimes avoid taking corrective action because it feels too much like parenting. Other times they withhold critical feedback because the childhood injunction, “Judge not, lest yee be judged,” still rings in their ears. It is time to set these past feelings aside and talk about a new approach called valuative coaching. The purpose of performance […]

Metaphors Uncover Hidden Issues

The value of a metaphor is that it provides a safe way for coworkers to discuss the undiscussable. Individuals do not have to accept the whole metaphor as truth. Each person can accept those parts that have meaning for her or him. For most people, getting the story straight does not matter. What does matter […]

The Truth Speaks For Itself

Leaders get together frequently to exchange ideas and share information. They network for career opportunities, speculate on projects, and commiserate over troublesome employees. Why is it, then, followers are not afforded this same opportunity to gather with their counterparts? Employers seldom set aside the time and space for followers to compare notes and share their […]