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Doers Speak Truth To Power

Research shows that the primary reason a manager is likely to fail is not from a lack of skills and abilities, but rather from not being aware of or not having access to critical information that could negatively impact his or her decisions. Management needs to hear the voice of truth from those who are […]

Doers Are Easy To Recognize

Doers occupy positions at all levels from the boardroom to the break room. Although they typically do their thing without calling attention to themselves or to their achievements, Doers are easy to recognize once you know to look for these attributes: Reach across departmental boundaries to build coalitions. Motivate those around them by their determination […]

Working Alone Inhibits Learning

Working alone can be very stressful which is why Doers need support while they are acquiring new skills or taking in new information. A number of things can go wrong if those undergoing training fail to support each other through the process of learning—here are just a few samples of what can happen. Followers will […]

Doers Face Up To Difficulties Ahead

  Full disclosure from the executive level exposes Doers to the truth about the difficulties they’re about to face. Doing so triggers the search for new tools and new ways to improve performance and to improve the bottom line. Most importantly, it generates a whole new set of critical questions like: Are we missing or […]

Doers Focus On The Future

Typically, there is a lot more information about what went wrong than there is about what needs to be done differently. The past is known and therefore much easier to recount. Spending too much time on the past is distractive unless the results can be used to positively impact what happens in the future. Unfortunately, […]

Doers Are Prepared For Change

Which would you find the easiest to do? (a) Change your mind. (b) Change your weight. (c) Change your religion. The most obvious response is (a). But, if you apply a time factor to the situation you can see how your answer might be affected. For instance, let’s say that a while ago you agreed […]

Doers Willingly Take Risks

How much risk you are willing to take depends upon how you view failure. When failure looms it’s natural to react by withdrawing or limiting your efforts. It’s normal also to interpret the lack of encouragement from friends and family to mean that you don’t have what it takes to succeed. But, this may not […]