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Doers Respond to Rising Expectations

Leaders in today’s complex workplaces are discovering that getting followers together in teams to develop a common set of goals is not only difficult, but it is frequently divisive and disruptive. The leadership challenge, then, is to blend the varied individual perceptions and expectations into a unified vision. The primary obstacles keeping followers from coming […]

Doers Avoid Upward Delegation

Leaders looking for results in an outcome-based workplace are running into a growing problem with followers, who will not accept ownership when a job is done poorly. Instead, they pile on the excuses and float the whole mess back up the chain of command. Which could explain why more of the responsibility for getting things […]

Clarification Forums Pull Doers Together

Strained relationships are a normal, natural occurrence in today’s tension-filled workplace. An effective way to keep the interpersonal conflicts from driving Doers apart is to sponsor clarification forums on a regular basis. A clarification forum is a structured process where those within your sphere of influence demonstrate their support for conflict resolution and joint problem […]

Openness Builds Respect Among Doers

The existence of a rumor mill is an indication that employees need an off-the-record opportunity to share opinions, test reactions and clarify concerns. The rumor mill is sometimes the only source of information available to those at the lower levels. Leaders rarely set aside the time and space for followers to compare notes, ask questions […]

Creating A Place Where Doers Prosper

The need to engage Doers in organizational decision making and problem solving is highlighted by the findings of a nine-year study by a Stanford research team headed by professor Jim Collins that analyzed 20,400 companies and identified only seven that have what it takes to succeed in tumultuous times. The first step toward a becoming […]

Doers Communicate Openly And Honestly

We tend to be less open and direct with people we don’t know, don’t like, and don’t trust, which is not fair to them. Being truthful with some people and not with others impedes your ability to communicate openly and honestly with everyone. This may sound silly and not worth getting worked up over, but […]

Electronic Messaging Hampers Trust

The widespread adoption of electronic and voice messaging systems have further reduced the amount of face-to-face communication between Doers, making the development of trust even less likely. Why? Doers are too often forced to build working relationships before they are given the opportunity to learn to trust one another. Both sides of the joint effort […]