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Doers Equate Knowing With Growing

Most people have little interest in learning new ways of doing things without some external motivation. Doers are the exception because they are eager to know what it takes to be a self-directed learner. Stage 1: You don’t know what you don’t know. Even though you’re missing the mark, you’re unaware of that possibility. The potential […]

Doers A Cautious About Joining Cliques

Workplace cliques are made up of like-minded people who think, feel and act in a similar manner. Thus, joining a clique is tempting for anyone with a need to belong. Cliques can be a source of positive, collective influence. If you belong to a clique that understands and supports the corporate vision, you stand a […]

Doers Are Open To Teachable Moments

  Working for an incompetent boss is not without hope. What can I do, you might ask? Well, for a start you can arm yourself with a better understanding of what causes someone in a senior role to be ineffective. That way you’ll know what skills your boss is missing and which ones you’ll need […]

Doers Are Taught At Home

Our attitudes, beliefs and understanding of authority are largely shaped by our family long before any of us transition from learning to earning. How the elders solve problems and make decisions are natural elements of our “training.” Some families raise trustworthy children who fit in easily. Taught obedience, compliance and loyalty they become the backbone […]

Doers Seek Peace And Harmony

Personality clashes, unmet expectations and resistive coworkers are among the primary causes of behavioral-based conflict in the workplace. Without an effective resolution process, no work unit can continue to function effectively. When evaluating the need for a conflict management program, be aware that unresolved conflict is directly related to job satisfaction – as job satisfaction […]

Doers Work Around Dysfunction

Doers accept that workplace dysfunction is commonplace, so they learn to work within the confines of what is possible. While you consider a specific situation in which to practice your Doer skills think about how you would respond to a boss who displays any of these dysfunctional behaviors: The upwardly focused who don’t care about […]

Doers Are Highly Prized Assets

Doers are the backbone of every successful enterprise, those self-motivated, high achievers who do the right things the right way for the right reasons. Typically few in number these gifted performers protect and advance the organization’s competitive advantage. These result-oriented game-changers provide the initiative for new ideas and the energy that drives productivity. Doers are […]