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Attracting And Retaining Doers

Attracting Doers and keeping those already on board from jumping ship when a more challenging opportunity comes along is a two-pronged problem. The enduring attractions to high performers are opportunities to grow within their profession, to make a measurable difference in the lives of others and to accomplish something within your firm they could not […]

Doers Want To Know The Truth

Full disclosure regarding the potential downside of what lies ahead exposes everyone to the truth about the difficulties they’re about to face. More importantly, it triggers the search for new tools and new ways to make change happen. Lastly, it generates critical questions like: Are we missing something? What current resources are available? Whose help […]

Doers Face Up To Frustration

It’s not your imagination; people are becoming more disingenuous and disrespectful in their person-to-person transactions. Common courtesy and civil behavior are being replaced by an in-your-face attitude that not only breeds contempt among peers, but also dampens their collaborative spirit. Working with disgruntled and disagreeable people is not easy, but it can be done if you use the following […]

Doers Are Quick To Listen And Slow To Speak

Our capacity to listen is greater than our ability to speak. So why is it, then, that we yearn to be great speakers rather than good listeners? To know that you’ve been heard is one of the most confirming feelings you’ll ever have. Sadly though, paying full attention while someone else is speaking requires more […]

Doers Acknowledge The Need For Improvement

Joe was a machine operator in a high-tech manufacturing company. His story is a good example of how the learning process applies in a competitive enterprise. As a loyal employee, Joe had been running the cutting machine for years with no complaints. Things began to change when the production quota was raised and Joe’s rejection […]

Nonperformers Need External Stimulation

Typically, non-performers have little interest in learning without some external stimulation. Understanding how learning takes place progressively in four stages could be very useful to anyone in a leadership position. Armed with this knowledge you can put on your motivator hat and light a fire under some of your least productive followers. Stage 1 – […]

Doers Tolerate Discomfort In Order To Learn

Doers have something special working in their favor: the innate desire to do a good job that triggers a willingness to acknowledge their own incompetence. Doers are also willing to put up with a certain amount of discomfort during the learning process in order to experience the end result—recognition of a job well done. The […]