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Doers Are Motivated By Purpose

An organization without a plan or at least a planning process is not likely to update its vision, mission, goals and objectives, which means that there is no reliable method for Doers to establish and meet performance expectations other than by gut feeling. If management merely relies on the winds of fate as their guide, […]

Planning Increases Doer Satisfaction

Comparing the flow of information in a functional and a dysfunctional organization can best be illustrated by thinking of an hourglass. An hourglass is a device that measures time by the flow of sand between the upper and lower chambers. A narrow opening between the upper and lower chambers controls the flow. Imagine the hourglass […]

Doers Struggle With Dysfunction Too

You may be wondering how a dysfunctional manager reaches the top of her or his organization? As we get into the reasons behind such behavior, it might be helpful to keep in mind that these are not bad people they are just incompetent as managers. You should also be aware that it could happen to you […]

Doers Learn To Cope With Dysfunction

Despite the lack of attention paid to dysfunction in management literature, there have always been dysfunctional people in our organizations, at all levels— from the highest levels of senior management to the lowliest subordinate. Their individual level of dysfunction, combined with their level of power within the organization, determines the impact their behavior may have […]

Peer Pressure Can Hamper Doers

One of the failings of the psychotherapy model is that it has always pointed out the harm that parents (authority figures) do. What is seldom dealt with is the impact that siblings (coworkers) can have on another sibling’s (coworker’s) self-image. The consequences of negative peer pressure can neutralize an organization’s effort and bring any well-intentioned […]

Doers Are Frustrated By Lack Of Direction

In a fast-paced, market-driven organization, planning tends to be a bothersome task. If a written plan does exist, it was probably pieced together at a recent management retreat and is gathering dust on a shelf alongside plans from previous years. One by one, each well-intentioned strategy died a quiet death, drowned in a sea of […]

Doers Join The Upward Voice Part 2

Without The Upward Voice in place to clarify expectations and neutralize negativity an organization is opening the door to frequent communications calamities between the upper and lower levels. Just such a situation is illustrated by the following true story: Picture a small city run by a city manager who was under pressure to justify the […]