Doers Academy

                                                    DOERS ACADEMY

The Doers Academy addresses the challenges facing Doers and the organizations that employ them. Attendees will come away from this interactive experience with a clearer picture of how their individual success and the sustainability of their sponsoring organization are intertwined.

The purpose of this open-learning, participant driven forum is to provide Doers with the ways and means to make the best use of their determination to overcome adversity, their drive to excel, and their desire to make a qualitative difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Graduates will emerge from the Academy armed with a strategic framework upon which to base future-focused career decisions, identify appropriate ways to carry out their intentions, and forecast the consequences of their actions with greater accuracy.

If sponsoring a Doers Academy would be of interest to your organization, I would be happy to development of a curriculum designed specifically to meet your current and future needs. Click on contact to indicated your readiness.





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