Doers Academy


                                                    THE DOERS ACADEMY

In his best seller, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren described the critical role Doers play in modern society: “The world needs contribution. We don’t just need communication, compassion, and consideration. We need people of action and a bias for achievement.”

The Doers Academy is an open learning forum that addresses the many challenges facing people who have “a bias for achievement” and the organizations that employ them.

How to guide creative talent toward constructive ends is a key feature of the Academy curriculum and is explained with a simple clarity that simultaneously enlightens and encourages.

Graduates will emerge from the Academy armed with a strategic framework upon which to assess their career options, identify appropriate ways to implement their choices, and forecast the consequences of their actions with greater accuracy.

Attendees will come away from this participant-driven experience with a clearer picture of how their individual success and the sustainability of their sponsoring organization are intertwined.

If sponsoring a Doers Academy would be of interest to your organization, click on contact to indicate your readiness.





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