The Doer Mindset

doers - small

Doers are the driving force behind creativity and innovation; those disruptive game-changers envied by coworkers and feared by competitors. When provided with unrestricted opportunities Doers deliver amazing results. These attributes are highly prized by employers who see Doers as essential to the prosperity of the organization.

The profitability of a competitive enterprise hinges upon its ability to harness the versatility of Doers. Unfortunately, Doers can become so focused on getting things done that they are often blindsided by hostility from complacent bosses and jealous coworkers who favor the status quo.

These under-appreciated producers occupy positions at all levels from the boardroom to the break room. Doers are often hiding in plain sight because their achievements are taken for granted.

Doers: The Vital Few Who Get Things Done presents an exciting new line of thought that addresses the challenges facing Doers and those who employ them. Readers from the boardroom to the break room are provided with the ways and means to halt decline and restore prosperity.

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