DOERS: The Vital Few Who Get Things Done

Download a sample chapter here.

The cover of this revelatory book invites the question: In what ways are Doers in the workplace like knights in the game of chess?

To start with knights control the middle of the chessboard and are especially effective when used in combination with other pieces. Like knights, Doers are often misused and their value underestimated.

Knights and Doers both make strategic moves that count. They protect and advance the organization’s competitive advantage. In a supportive environment where management understands and trusts the influential power of Doers, they become a highly prized asset.

Doers: The Vital Few Who Get Things Done stems from Tom’s experience working with organizations helping them to better understand how to recognize and reward achievers. In this precisely crafted book Dr. Jones shows the reader how to make the highest and best use of the Doers’ natural desire to excel.

Each chapter highlights a problematic situation through the use of anecdotal stories and graphic illustrations of rational remedies. Doers are also shown how to succeed in situations where their enthusiasm for excellence may not be appreciated.

In his role as a learning facilitator Dr. Jones provides coaching and consultation services to individuals and organizations. His proprietary methodology is practical and immediately applicable.

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