About Tom


Dr. Jones has worked with organizations and the people they employ long enough to have a keen sense of what it takes for both to prosper. Tom writes and speaks about those leadership challenges and management perplexities that ultimately determine the success or failure of today’s customer sensitive workplace.

In his roll as a learning facilitator Tom brings a level of collaborative spirit to his client engagements that is rare among his contemporaries. He is particularly adept at unifying diverse personalities with competing priorities around a common purpose.

Clients comment that his observations are so accurate and his recommendations so helpful they wonder whether he has been quietly watching their workplace before they contacted him.

In his new book, Doers: The Vital Few Who Get Things Done, Tom shows employers how to create an environment where Doers flourish. He also shows Doers how to seek out a workplace where their eagerness to succeed is recognized and rewarded.

Calling upon three decades of hands on experience Dr. Jones has created the Planning Wheel, which is a strategic management tool that provides Doers and the organizations that employ them with the continuity of direction and the clarity of purpose they both need in order to succeed.

Tom holds a doctorate in Organization and Leadership from The University of San Francisco. He has lectured at six universities and currently teaches Organizational Behavior for the College of Business at California State University, Monterey Bay.

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