Doers Profile

                                                         DOERS PROFILE

Responding reflectively to the Doers Profile will help you better understand which of your tendencies align with those of a Doer. Rate your level of identification with each of the behaviors listed below using a five-point scale with (5) being high and (1) being low.

The higher your total score the more likely you are to be a Doer.

Suggest an alternative strategy when you believe your way is better.
Set high performance goals and expect coworkers to do the same.
Network with friends and colleagues to stay current on job openings.
Become dissatisfied with the status quo and look for challenges elsewhere.
Sub Score
Expand your sphere of influence through continuous improvement.
Willingly accept assignments that others cannot or will not do.
Reach across departmental barriers and boundaries to form coalitions.
Develop reliable external sources of accurate and timely information.
Sub Score
Work quickly and quietly without calling attention to your achievements.
Look for opportunities to do work that makes a meaningful difference.
Feel your accomplishments are often unrecognized and undervalued.
Possess a unique set of skills, abilities and underutilized talents.
Sub Score
Inspire others by your desire to have fun and enjoy what you do.
Suffer from complacent coworkers who resent your accomplishments.
Operate independently with little direction and limited supervision.
Lose relational effectiveness and personal influence when promoted.
Sub Score
Use expertise, information, and goodwill as your personal power base.
Create internal, cross-functional communication channels.
Volunteer to solve problems and fix what’s broken in times of crises.
Search for opportunities to grow personally and develop professionally.
Sub Score
Seek assurance that accuracy matters when you point out inconsistencies.
Question ambiguity and ask for clarification when faced with uncertainty.
Expect those above you to appreciate honest feedback and critical advice.
Trust a mistake can be corrected without fear of retaliation or retribution.
Sub Score

Total Score ________                                   Name ______________________________

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