Dr. Jones has studied organizations and the people they employ long enough to have a real sense of what will ring true to his audience.

Through the skillful use of humor Tom exposes the conditions that impede growth and provides simple solutions that will restore confidence in the way your company does business.

Sample topic list from recent presentations:

 – What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.

 – Finding Your Way In The Workplace Today.

 – Help! I’m Surrounded By Idiots.

 – Don’t Get Me Wrong I Love It Here, But.

 – Defusing Tough People and Tough Situations.

 – Getting Lean Without Getting Mean.

 – Why Achievers Suffer and What To Do About It.

 – Teamwork: Some Assembly Required.

 – Pulling Together When Things Are Falling Apart.

 – When You Know It, You Won’t Blow It.

 – How To Lead When No One Wants To Follow.

To book Tom call (559) 288-1063 or email worxjones@comcast.net

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