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Clarification Forums Pull Doers Together

Strained relationships are a normal, natural occurrence in today’s tension-filled workplace. An effective way to keep the interpersonal conflicts from driving Doers apart is to sponsor clarification forums on a regular basis. A clarification forum is a structured process where those within your sphere of influence demonstrate their support for conflict resolution and joint problem […]

Electronic Messaging Hampers Trust

The widespread adoption of electronic and voice messaging systems have further reduced the amount of face-to-face communication between Doers, making the development of trust even less likely. Why? Doers are too often forced to build working relationships before they are given the opportunity to learn to trust one another. Both sides of the joint effort […]

Rumors Are Harmful To Sensitive People

  We all love a juicy piece of gossip now and then. Even if we do not want to believe it, we still want to hear it. Unfortunately, those few who take delight in spreading rumors do not seem to realize that their mean spirited game-playing can harm innocent people. Here is a real life […]

Workplace Cliques Have Consequences

One of the first things new employees encounter when they enter the workplace is an intensive effort by other employees to recruit them into a clique. Those who hold a negative view of the organization will pull the new people aside to warm them about whom they can trust and whom they should watch out […]