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Clarification Forums Pull Doers Together

Strained relationships are a normal, natural occurrence in today’s tension-filled workplace. An effective way to keep the interpersonal conflicts from driving Doers apart is to sponsor clarification forums on a regular basis. A clarification forum is a structured process where those within your sphere of influence demonstrate their support for conflict resolution and joint problem […]

Openness Builds Respect Among Doers

The existence of a rumor mill is an indication that employees need an off-the-record opportunity to share opinions, test reactions and clarify concerns. The rumor mill is sometimes the only source of information available to those at the lower levels. Leaders rarely set aside the time and space for followers to compare notes, ask questions […]

Creating A Place Where Doers Prosper

The need to engage Doers in organizational decision making and problem solving is highlighted by the findings of a nine-year study by a Stanford research team headed by professor Jim Collins that analyzed 20,400 companies and identified only seven that have what it takes to succeed in tumultuous times. The first step toward a becoming […]

Doers Communicate Openly And Honestly

We tend to be less open and direct with people we don’t know, don’t like, and don’t trust, which is not fair to them. Being truthful with some people and not with others impedes your ability to communicate openly and honestly with everyone. This may sound silly and not worth getting worked up over, but […]

Doers Face Shadow Competition

Doers know what they are being held accountable for and are able to determine for themselves how best to follow their leader. Underachievers seldom understand their own actions; so do not expect them to give much constructive thought to what their leader has in mind. So, you might ask, why waste time on dysfunctional employees? […]

Hiding Places For Dysfunction

Much like a house remodeling will expose termites, organization-wide undertakings such as quality improvement, team building, reinventing, or downsizing will flush out dysfunction. The problems that arise from the installation of a new phone system or a computer upgrade can shift management’s attention in a hurry. Large organizations are good places for dysfunction to hide. […]

Morale And Productivity Are Not Linked

Morale, motivation, performance, and productivity are separate issues and should be addressed independently, not tied together as if attending to one will impact the others. Individual morale and collective spirit are raised simultaneously when leaders and followers become aware of what they do not know and are motivated to learn new skills and practice new […]

Developing Self-Directed Information Seekers

Doers tend to validate what they have either seen for themselves or have heard first hand from a trustworthy person. This helps them to form a mental image of what action they should take as a result of what they have seen and heard. Whoever said, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” understood this […]

Doers Are Lower Level Leaders

Organizations have been known to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars certifying managers in the use of a popular leadership program, only to have it scrapped when the CEO finds another quick-fix program that looks better or gets the axe because the program failed to deliver as promised. After a while, employees get confused as […]

Doers Use Workplace Metaphors

Sometimes it is easier and safer for Doers to use a metaphor to discuss a dynamic workplace situation. For example, using a nautical theme to illustrate the common stages of organizational life. Stage 1 – Getting Underway: Moored to the dock the powerful, seaworthy craft floats high in the water. Supplies are hefted aboard and stowed […]