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Most of us learned early in life to avoid confusion, or at least not to admit to it, even when it was painfully obvious that we did not know what to do. Later, as the problems got more complex and harder to solve on your own, you looked to your elders for clarification and direction. […]

Openness Builds Respect Among Doers

The existence of a rumor mill is an indication that employees need an off-the-record opportunity to share opinions, test reactions and clarify concerns. The rumor mill is sometimes the only source of information available to those at the lower levels. Leaders rarely set aside the time and space for followers to compare notes, ask questions […]

Doers Face Up To Difficulties Ahead

Full disclosure from the executive level exposes Doers to the truth about the difficulties they’re about to face. More importantly it triggers the search for new tools and new ways to improve performance and to improve the bottom line. Most importantly, it generates a whole new set of critical questions like Are we missing something? […]

Neutralizing Negativity Takes Practice

When your expectations are conveyed clearly those on the receiving end feel good about providing the response you need. Unclear requests typically leave the listener feeling disappointed, discouraged, or disillusioned. Those who hold you responsible for their negative feelings typically walk away and say nothing rather than risk telling you what is really on their […]