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Doers Need A Common Purpose

  Creating a common purpose is on of the guiding principles upon which a productive relationship can be built: Problem solving and decision-making are two separate functions. Working simultaneously on both will create confusion and divert team energy. Solving a problem calls for doers who are comfortable recalling intricate details, and remembering forgotten bits and […]

Doers Separate Fact From Fiction

    What you do not know can, and ultimately does, hurt you and potentially others, too. Instead of keeping negative information hidden, what you want others to do is tell it like it is or at least let you know when something is amiss. Communicating honestly, even when it raises tempers, will ultimately pull […]

Doers Relationships Are Build On Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect. Respect and value what the other Doers bring to the relationship. First impressions are not always the ones you want to rely upon when it comes to working with Doers. You really do not get a clear sense of what another Doer has to offer until you have given her or him a […]

Doers Focus On What Truly Matters

  The reason you were hired is to help the organization make the highest and best use of its limited resources. It is not who you are or whom you know that counts; it is what you do that truly matters. You are expected not only to excel at your job, but also to work […]

Doers Strive For Fruitful Dialogue

As Doers are drawn together in the workplace, their beliefs, values, and practices are bound to create differing options and attitudes. Keeping silent about these differences as though they do not exist—adding them to the list of unresolved issues—erects artificial barriers, stifles fruitful dialogue, and drives well intentioned people apart. The longer the list, the […]

Doers Think And Act Inclusively

Thinking and acting inclusively exposes the probability that no individual team member knows the “truth” and that only by involving others will the pertinent facts be revealed. Introducing inclusionary thinking to the problem solving and decision-making processes can halt the spread of ambiguity and inconsistency, which are the building blocks of dysfunction. Functionality thrives among […]

Timely Performance Assessment Reassures Doers

Doers expect their leaders to form teams and to act in a team-like fashion. If they do not see teamwork modeled from above, there is no inspiration for them to make the necessary compromises to work with their peers cooperatively. Organizations without teamwork at the upper levels develop a reputation for dissent, not cooperation. Doers […]