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Staying Focused On What Matters The vitality of any organization depends on its ability to respond to disruption with minimum upheaval. Disruption is much more subtle than change and thus more difficult to discern and detect. If you miss it when it first slips into your world, it will surely reappear. The abrupt onset of disorder and disarray are […]

Building Teams Under Adverse Conditions Forming people into a collaborative body is like building a sandcastle on the beach. When the tide comes in, a portion of the castle may be washed away and need to be rebuilt. A rogue wave could knock down the whole structure and leave only a trace outline of what was once there. Reformation […]

Thriving In A State of Confusion Thriving in A State of Confusion Webster’s Dictionary defines confusion as “The state of disarray; disorder; perplexity of the mind; or embarrassment.” Given that definition, you may wonder why you should embrace confusion. There’s a good reason: when people are in a state of confusion, they are open to redirection in the hope of avoiding […]

Be Quick To Listen, Slow To Speak In a productive workplace rejection should be viewed as the basis for learning and one of the critical factors leading to success. To be consistently successful you must understand the risk involved in any given situation and strive to minimize the chances of failure by seeking information from others both before and after deciding. […]

“No” May Not Be The Final Answer In your quest to make rejection work for you, it is critical that you get your head around the concept that “no” may not be the final answer. Often a “no” is situational and dependent upon how the people involved are feeling at that moment. Additionally, there are three conditions of readiness to consider […]

Don’t Let Anyone “Should” On You  Think about a time when your expectation wasn’t met, and you felt rejected. Say, for example, you applied for a job and selected for an interview. If the interview went well your expectation was met, and you were pleased with yourself for making a good impression. If it went badly, you probably experienced what […]

The Formula For Success Successful people will tell you that whatever they’ve been able to accomplish has been the result of working hard, staying focused on what really matters, and not letting rejection get in the way. They will also acknowledge that the risk of failure is always present when undertaking anything worthwhile, but that it didn’t stop […]

Finding Value In Rejection The key to finding value in rejection is to realize that you’re not the target, but rather the negativity is aimed at what you represent. Next time you experience rejection; first admit that it hurts, then tell yourself it’s no big deal. Doing so will free your mind to determine how to respond and […]

Responsibility Charting Empowers Low Performers

Organizations with multiple work sites typically set up an automated system of digital charts so that project leaders can assemble a virtual team without ever having the members meet in person. Instead, they gather on-line in chat rooms to discuss tasks, seek consultation, and keep each other informed. This virtual, exacting style is useful in […]

Responsibility Charting Is A Dynamic Productivity Tool

Responsibility Charting is a dynamic productivity tool that has many uses. For example, a government agency with a reputation for substandard performance was assigned a new director who was determined to turn things around. A productivity study disclosed that the average staff person spent nearly 40 percent of each day in meetings trying to correct […]