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Doers Don’t Rely on Assumptions

Mistrust is the result of leaders and followers who fail to confirm their assumptions about a given situation before either or both take action. Here is an example. A production line supervisor needed some routine information from Larry who was working nearby at his station. The supervisor walked over to Larry and said, “I need […]

Doers Use Conflict to Build Relationships

When a conflict flairs, defending your position should not be your first priority. Instead, listen first to the other person to better understand what’s keeping you from accepting his or her point of view. Then, armed with two perspectives, you can search for additional sources from which to glean information that could clarify the disconnect. […]

Doers Struggle Against Peer Pressure

Doers at the lower levels have more contact with peers than with bosses, so there is room in those relationships for more misinterpretation when a Doer embarks on the path toward professional development. Their colleagues have invested time and effort in getting to know them, so they should not be surprised when their coworkers are […]

Women Are The Ultimate Doers

Women are the ultimate Doers. For decades their very survival in workplaces around the world has depended on their collaboration skills, and their ability to take action and get things done often without acceptance, recognition or appreciation. It is time now to pay closer attention to the “inclusionary thinking” (lets find the best way) traits […]

Doers Don’t Put Things Off

When your expectations are high and you’re looking forward to a positive response, you want the time line to be short. Remember as a child excitedly counting the days before your birthday or Christmas? What if your expectations are low and the response is potentially negative or difficult to accomplish? You’re more likely to postpone […]

Doers Seek Clarification In Forums

Strained relationships are a normal, natural occurrence in today’s tension-filled workplace. An effective way to keep the underlying issues from driving people apart is to sponsor clarification forums on a regular basis. A clarification forum is a structured process where those Doers within your sphere of influence demonstrate their support for conflict resolution and joint […]

Doers Equate Knowing With Growing

Stage 1: You don’t know what you don’t know.Even though you’re missing the mark, you’re unaware of that possibility. The potential for mistakes is high because there’s no motive to learn. Stage 2: You know what you don’t know.Suddenly, you become aware that your lack of knowledge is having a negative effect on outcomes. You’re mindful of […]

Doers Are Cautious About Joining Cliques

Workplace cliques are made up of like-minded people who think, feel and act in a similar manner. Thus, joining a clique is tempting for anyone with a need to belong. Cliques can be a source of positive, collective influence. If you belong to a clique that understands and supports the corporate vision, you stand a […]

Doers Are Open To Teachable Moments

Working for an incompetent boss is not without hope. What can I do, you might ask? Well, for a start you can arm yourself with a better understanding of what causes someone in a senior role to be ineffective. That way you’ll know what skills your boss is missing and which ones you’ll need to […]

Doers Are Taught At Home

Our attitudes, beliefs and understanding of authority are largely shaped by our family long before any of us transition from learning to earning. How the elders solve problems and make decisions are natural elements of our “training.” Some families raise trustworthy children who fit in easily. Taught obedience, compliance and loyalty they become the backbone […]