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Doers Derive Purpose From Metaphors

The value of a metaphor is that it provides a purposeful way for Doers to discuss the undiscussable. Individuals do not have to accept the whole metaphor as truth. Each person can accept those parts that have meaning for her or him. For most Doers, getting the story straight does not matter. What does matter […]

How Leadership Development Fosters Discontent

When organizations send leaders to training with the intention of improving performance and productivity, they often neglect to raise consciousness among the followers. Those who initiate the training program fail to realize that leaders will be picking up a new language expressed in words and concepts incomprehensible to anyone not included in the training program. […]

This is What Doers Do

Doers are those disruptive game-changers in every organization who are simultaneously envied by coworkers and feared by competitors. They provide the initiative for new ideas and the energy that drives productivity. Result oriented, they work diligently and attract the attention of their superiors, subordinates, and co-workers alike with their awesome outcomes. These under-appreciated producers occupy […]

Empowering Doers Restores Functionality

Much of what is wrong in most organizations stems from the way programs and projects are communicated. The announcement of a well-intended idea, solution or proposal is more likely to incite protest than it is to garner support. Most of the negative reactions are the result of too few people getting a chance to “see” […]

Confusion Is A State Of Mind

Most of us learned early in life to avoid confusion, or at least not to admit to it, even when it was painfully obvious that we did not know what to do. Later, as the problems got more complex and harder to solve on your own, you looked to your elders for clarification and direction. […]

Peer Pressure Can Hamper Doers

One of the failings of the psychotherapy model is that it has always pointed out the harm that parents (authority figures) do. What is seldom dealt with is the impact that siblings (coworkers) can have on another sibling’s (coworker’s) self-image. The consequences of negative peer pressure can neutralize an organization’s effort and bring any well-intentioned […]

Pointing In The Wrong Direction

What is truly puzzling in this age of mass communication is the increasing number of people who are unable to make any connection between the results of their efforts and their company’s future. When their employer suffers from a sudden market shift and the profit picture starts to dim, these people not only disconnect from […]

Doers Dread Micro-Management

A Doer’s worse nightmare is reporting to an incompetent boss. They dread reporting to someone who lacks the skill, ability, and motivation to do the right things, the right way, for the right reason. Such bosses walk around in a fog unaware of the negative impact they are having on those who report to them. […]

Doers Respond To Rising Expections

Leaders in today’s complex workplaces are discovering that getting followers together in teams to develop a common set of goals is not only difficult, but it is frequently divisive and disruptive. The leadership challenge, then, is to blend the varied individual perceptions and expectations into a unified vision. The primary obstacles keeping followers from coming […]

Doers Avoid Upward Delegation

Leaders looking for results in an outcome-based workplace are running into a growing problem with followers, who will not accept ownership when a job is done poorly. Instead, they pile on the excuses and float the whole mess back up the chain of command. Which could explain why more of the responsibility for getting things […]