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Doers Seek Truth From Power

The existence of a rumor mill is an indication that employees don’t trust what they hear from official communication channels. Sadly, in a large organization the rumor mill is sometimes the only source of information available to those at the lower levels. The most effective way to close down the rumor mill is to provide […]

When Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough

If you ask someone at Alcoholics Anonymous how they are doing, they say, “I’m in recovery;” meaning they know they are not perfect, but they are working on it. That desire to improve is what moves us through life: the potential of being better. The four stages of the Mastery Learning Sequence outlined below provide […]

Doers Search For Common Purpose

Mainstream management methods can only bridge the gap between functional and dysfunctional employees, bridging, at best, merely provides a communication link between competing subgroups. In order to close the gap, you need to conduct a purposeful search for a common meaning without creating intra-group opposition. One way to do this is to form a Group […]

Teamwork Brings Out The Best In Doers

Leaders in today’s complex organizations are discovering that getting followers together to develop a common set of goals is not only difficult, but it is frequently divisive and disruptive to the normal work flow. Their challenge is to meld the individual perceptions and expectations into a unified vision. The primary obstacles keeping followers from coming […]

Responsibility Charting Holds Nonperformers Accountable

Leaders are running into a growing problem with followers, who will not accept responsibility when a job is done poorly, but instead pile on the excuses and float the whole mess back up the chain of command. This phenomenon is called “upward delegation.” One example is when a follower pesters you with questions about how […]

Doers Find Workplace Cliques Distracting

One of the first things Doers encounter when they enter a new workplace is an intensive effort by other employees to recruit them into a clique. Those who hold a negative view of the organization will pull the Doer aside to warm him or her about whom to trust and whom to watch out for. […]

Neutralizing Negativity Takes Practice

When your expectations are conveyed clearly those on the receiving end feel good about providing the response you need. Unclear requests typically leave the listener feeling disappointed, discouraged, or disillusioned. Those who hold you responsible for their negative feelings typically walk away and say nothing rather than risk telling you what is really on their […]

Doers Add Value To The Workplace

Companies that rely solely on the CEO to navigate the uncharted waters of global competition are floundering. According to The Big Shift, a worldwide study published by Deloitte University Press, “The success of the modern organization will depend upon its ability to create an environment that cultivates learning and accelerated performance improvement.” In his best […]

Doers Reflect On What Matters

Striving for a better life in the future by reflecting on the way they live and work today is what gives Doers the edge over those who wait for others to do it for them. Doers begin their reflections with an honest assessment of the potential challenges they will face along the performance improvement pathway. […]

Doers Aren’t Threatened by Change

Performance-challenged employees will typically band together in opposition to the demand for improvement. Fearing the loss of belonging, these underachievers view higher performance goals as a threat to their longevity. Because the low producers have more at stake in staying put, they are more likely to “fight” for their job in ways you have never […]