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Performance Feedback Motivates Doers

Doers expect their leaders to form teams and to act in a team-like fashion. If they do not see teamwork modeled from above, there is no inspiration for them to make the necessary compromises to work with their peers cooperatively. Organizations without teamwork at the upper levels develop a reputation for dissent, not cooperation. Doers […]

Doers Are Hampered By Dysfunction

Despite the lack of attention paid to dysfunction in management literature, there have always been dysfunctional people in our organizations, at all levels— from the highest levels of senior management to the lowliest subordinate. Their individual level of dysfunction, combined with their level of power within the organization, determines the impact their behavior may have […]

Doers Need Direction, Not Supervision

  In a fast-paced, market-driven organization, planning tends to be a bothersome task. If a written plan does exist, it was probably pieced together at a recent management retreat and is gathering dust on a shelf alongside plans from previous years. One by one, each well-intentioned strategy died a quiet death, drowned in a sea […]

Doers Are Part Of The Upward Voice

Research shows that the primary reason chief executives and senior administrators fail is not from a lack of skills or abilities, but rather from not being aware of information that could negatively impact their organization. People at the decision-making level need to hear the voice of truth from those closest to the problem who deal […]

Doers Are Prepared For Change

Which would you find the easiest to do? (a) Change your mind. (b) Change your weight. (c) Change your religion. The most obvious response is (a). But, if you apply a time factor to the situation you can see how your answer might be affected. For instance, let’s say that a while ago you agreed […]

Doers Are Natural Problem Solvers

When you set out to resolve problems that are outside your sphere of influence, there is often no clear place to start. Unless a particular situation is begging for your attention, start by making a list of outcomes where the results failed to meet expectations. Use the four-step, problem-solving guide as your template, filling in […]

Doers Are At The Center of A Collaborative Workplace

Our education system teaches students to compete against each other for recognition and rewards. Having been taught collectively and tested individually throughout their formative years, graduates find the transition from learning to earning difficult because the teaching and testing processes are reversed. First-time job placements enter the workforce valuing only what they can do for […]