Doers Relationships Are Build On Mutual Respect

doers - small

Mutual Respect. Respect and value what the other Doers bring to the relationship.

First impressions are not always the ones you want to rely upon when it comes to working with Doers. You really do not get a clear sense of what another Doer has to offer until you have given her or him a second and third look.

What other doers bring to the relationship is a valid expectation of how the task should be accomplished. Something you could not possibly know unless you invited them to share what they know without fear of being prematurely judged.

Your objective is to focus on the source of the differing viewpoints and not to persuade other doers to change their way of thinking. After all, you cannot change what other doers think unless you first understand the basis for their thoughts. It is important to understand how the views of other doers were formed.

A mutual exploration of individual expectations is an opportunity to clarify everyone’s position while gaining a better understanding of what each doer anticipates will happen when the actual work begins.


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