Doers Need A Common Purpose


Creating a common purpose is on of the guiding principles upon which a productive relationship can be built:

Problem solving and decision-making are two separate functions. Working simultaneously on both will create confusion and divert team energy. Solving a problem calls for doers who are comfortable recalling intricate details, and remembering forgotten bits and pieces that may help to solve the mystery. It makes sense to begin the search for a solution by sharing your collective memories of what could have caused the deviation from expectations.

Making decisions is more about setting a new course to change in the future. This requires doers who are good at thinking forward. In order to develop a common purpose from which to make their decision, doers must agree to refocus their attention to what lies ahead.

Your priority in working with other doers is to establish a common purpose and focus before you pool your knowledge and begin your work. Without first determining a common purpose, much time and energy will be wasted arguing over who is right and who is wrong. It also increases the chances of missing the point or doing something stupid.


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