Attracting and Retaining Doers


Attracting Doers and keeping those already on board from jumping ship when a more challenging opportunity comes along is a two-pronged problem. The enduring attractions to high performers are opportunities to grow within their profession, to make a measurable difference in the lives of others and to accomplish something within your firm they could not accomplish on their own.

Here are seven ways to establish the reputation you’ll need to attract and retain top-flight employees.

  1. During the interview process be clear about your expectations and theirs. Don’t over promise or over state your hiring objectives. Make it known that the candidates will be esteemed for who they are, for their unique skills and for what they can add to the company.
  2. A short time after the new employees have been on the job you should reemphasize three points: the reason they were hired, what you expect of them and how their contributions are being monitored and by whom.
  3. Supervisors must take an active role in bringing rookies up to speed and helping them fit in with the veterans. What drives new employees out of an organization during the first few weeks is the lack of cooperation from their peers, not how they get along with their supervisor.
  4. Ensure that senior executives are available to solve significant problems that are beyond the scope of the new hire. When management is accessible, new employees have the satisfaction and the validation of receiving feedback from those who hold the power.
  5. Expect department heads to act in a team-like fashion. If new hires don’t see teamwork modeled from above, there is no inspiration for them to work together collaboratively.
  6.  Give frequent evaluations, provide honest feedback and address poor performance and inappropriate behavior in a timely way. Providing immediate feedback clears up confusion, reinforces excellence and reassures the Doers that their growth within the company is on track.
  7.  Create an atmosphere where all employees can field complaints, accept criticism, challenge inconsistencies and communicate negative information without prejudice. This establishes your company as a place where upward communication is the norm.

High performers want assurances that they will, in fact, be supported for trying to rectify problems, not penalized for it, that honesty counts and that they do not have to suffer the frustration of hiding the truth or putting up with jealous coworkers. To excel Doers must trust that their mistakes can be aired and corrected without fear that it will be constantly held against them and hamper their career path.

Business is still about people and how well they work together. When hiring the best person is critical, you can’t afford to waste time letting them figure out where to start. Your organization has no choice in this age of high expectations — it must find ways to foster an environment that promotes harmony, boosts morale, supports creativity, encourages honest communication and induces high motivation. All these factors are attractive to Doers.

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