Finding The Source of Rejection

Learn From Rejection: Find the Why Behind the No

The vitality of any organization depends on its ability to overcome the inhibiting consequences of rejection. Applying Performance Management (PM) and Process Improvement (PI) makes the data collection effort less personal and more practical. And, therefore much easier to get “buy in” from those immobilized by the fear of failure.

PM and PI are two interconnected feedback tools that expose those sources of rejection and provide solutions. The most effective way to introduce them is to frame two sets of questions in the form of a sequential checklist that follows the natural workflow.

Performance Management (PM):

__ Is the right person…

__ in the right place…

__ doing the right thing…

__ the right way…

__ for the right reason?

Process Improvement (PI):

__ Is the right thing…

__ getting to the right place…

__ at the right time…

__ in the right quantity…

__ and right condition?

Start by working your way through each checklist until you can confidently answer yes to all ten points of the two-step sequence. Satisfactory completion will take multiple sessions, so don’t be disappointed at the lack of results the first time out.

Any “no” or “don’t know” responses to the PM checklist should trigger an exploration of who’s in that position, what stage of learning he or she might be on, and what additional training he or she will need to produce a “yes” response in the future.

Any “no” or “don’t know” responses on the PI checklist should instigate a deeper dive to determine which stages of the workflow need to be upgraded to attain the desired outcome.

The purpose of PM and PI is to provide those struggling with rejection and falling behind in their work with an awareness of why getting it right is important, coupled with an understanding of what they need to do differently to improve the outcome.

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