What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

One vital element of growth and expansion that is often overlooked is the lack of planning acumen available within the enterprise itself. Typically, those in key decision-making positions tend to forego feasibility studies, strategic planning, readiness assessments, and SWOT analysis in favor of what feels good, looks right, and generates revenue.

Pressure to reduce costs and produce results quickly leave little time to properly develop and provide support for future focused endeavors. Good ideas frequently “die” from lack of proper vetting, or an enticing opportunity captures management’s attention leaving a potentially worthy scheme underfunded and undervalued.

The demands for improved products and services coupled with pressures from competing interests make efforts to grow the organization more like a venture ladened with risk and fraught with rejection.

Ventures can be exciting, but they can also lead to misfortune if not professionally orchestrated. Creating a position for a Venture Planner is one method of managing growth with more assurance of success.

The Venture Planner facilitates the implementation of expansion strategies and assists in bringing creative ideas to fruition. Under the direction of the leadership team the Venture Planner will strive to ensure that the following growth readiness factors are firmly fixed in place:

Technological – Having the ability to remain current and innovative in the application

of material resources and know-how.

Structural – Having the ability to keep a clear vision and reorganize quickly and easily

in response to external demand and opportunity. 

Climatic – Having an internal ambience that supports high performance, innovation, and

team-driven outcomes.

Systemic – Having systems in place that scan and provide the information necessary to

monitor expansion efforts.

Personnel – Having managers and workers who labor productively together within an

environment that is sometimes ambiguous and uncertain.    

The Venture Planner is responsible for identifying the most important values, options, and opinions from which to determine a plan of action. Management can then set goals, determine priorities, and clarify the necessary steps to ensure a sustainable future.

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