Doers Are Open To Teachable Moments

Working for an incompetent boss is not without hope. What can I do, you might ask? Well, for a start you can arm yourself with a better understanding of what causes someone in a senior role to be ineffective. That way you’ll know what skills your boss is missing and which ones you’ll need to bring to the relationship in order to make it work.

Additionally, you’ll want to learn how to counteract his harmful influence in productive rather than destructive ways.

Remember, you’re dealing with someone who at various times for his own reasons has a set of expectations that are different from yours. Perhaps he does know what you expect, but doesn’t know how to provide it in a way that is helpful to you.

Or, if he does know how to provide what you need, he doesn’t know why he should because he sees no particular benefit in changing what’s working for him.

Think in current terms each time you interact with a difficult leader. To prevent past behaviors from clouding your future, keep this thought in mind: “That was then, this is now.”

It’s possible he may be just as tired of this antagonistic relationship as you are and could be open to making some changes. Thus he’d be receptive to your concerns and open to meeting your needs.

If his attitude is the same, you’ve lost nothing. But, if he’s ready for a change and you assume otherwise, you’ve missed out on a teachable moment. You don’t want to pass up such a precious opportunity to help him learn a valuable lesson that could improve your relationship.

Note: The tide will turn, but only when the timing is right.

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