Doers Are Highly Prized Assets

doers - small

Doers are the backbone of every successful enterprise, those self-motivated, high achievers who do the right things the right way for the right reasons. Typically few in number these gifted performers protect and advance the organization’s competitive advantage.

These result-oriented game-changers provide the initiative for new ideas and the energy that drives productivity. Doers are the “go to” people you count on to get things done.

Armed with the authority to act, Doers can do amazing things. In a workplace that understands their true nature, these consummate producers become highly prized assets.

In his international best seller, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Are We Here For?, Rick Warren described the critical role Doers play in modern society: “The world needs contribution. We don’t just need communication, compassion, and consideration. We need people of action and a bias for achievement.”

The findings from a recent American Management Association survey of 800 executives revealed that, “The emphasis over the past years has been on high tech skills like math and science for workers, but what’s missing is the ability to collaborate and make key decisions at lower levels.” Doers fill this role naturally as informal leaders and peer coaches.

The revelations above, coupled with lucrative opportunities popping up all around the globe, present a nagging dilemma for employers who not only wish to hire Doers, but also want to keep those on the payroll from leaving when a more inviting offer comes along.

Sponsoring an in-house Doers forum will address these challenges and others facing high performers and those in your organization who manage them. Attendees will come away from this participant-driven interactive experience with a clearer picture of how their individual success and the sustainability of your company are intertwined.

The purpose of such an open-learning model is to provide Doers and those who supervise or work alongside them with the ways and means to make the best use of their ability to overcome adversity, their eagerness to raise performance standards, and their desire to make a qualitative difference in all they say and do.

Participants will emerge from this experience armed with a strategic framework upon which to base future-focused career decisions, identify appropriate ways to carry out their intentions, and forecast the consequences of their actions with greater accuracy.

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