Time For A Doers Checkup

Striving for a better future by changing the way you live and work today can be a difficult undertaking for a Doer. Yes, being honest with yourself regarding the challenges you will face along the way is good for you, but it may also be upsetting to those who love and admire you and thus will require some soul searching on both your parts.

A reflective self-examination will uncover new tools and new ways to make the next steps in your journey more productive; not only for you but also for those who like you just the way you are.

A situational assessment at the pre-launch point of your venture will generate a set of strategic questions that will, if answered honestly, produce tactical answers:

  • Am I missing something?
  • What resources are available?
  • Whose help will I need?
  • How will I acquire the necessary help and resources?

You will need answers to these questions before you are ready to begin work on any new venture. Once you have moved beyond the planning stage to the decision making point, your supporters will realize that you are serious and will begin to offer more assistance to move you along the pathway to success as they view it.

You will know when you are advancing along this path because your focus will shift from the past (How did I get here?) to the future (How do I get there?) with a stronger pull toward what lies ahead. At this point you will be ready for the next set of process-oriented questions:

  • How is what I want to do next different from what I did before?
  • How much time do I have to figure out my new role?
  • What will happen if I don’t get it right the first try?
  • If I need additional encouragement, who is going to provide it?

This is also a great opportunity for a one-on-one chat with your supporters on the subject of change itself and what it may do to your relationship; especially those you hold dearest. The discussion should focus on not just what is going to be different, but also on how this transition is going to affect his or her willingness to relate to the “new” you.

If answers from your support system are not encouraging and decide to make the changes anyway, you increase the potential for a less than desirable outcome.

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