Doers Focus On What Truly Matters



The reason you were hired is to help the organization make the highest and best use of its limited resources. It is not who you are or whom you know that counts; it is what you do that truly matters. You are expected not only to excel at your job, but also to work well with others while you are doing it.

Operating a profitable enterprise is about using fewer resources to produce greater results, which means Doers and their coworkers are expected to increase production, reduce errors, and provide great customer service.

Success is measured in terms of your ability to get things done through others, which means that you will be expected to achieve results regardless of how well you get along with those around you.

Relationships must be formed quickly and produce measurable outcomes in short order. Seldom is there enough time to truly get to know a colleague before you are both called to action. The work must be done without regard to how you feel about each other.

Although it is not easy, you can learn to work collaboratively with almost anyone once you understand the guiding principles that contribute to a good relationship.

To start with, you will need to accept that people bring differing points of view to the same task. Seeing things differently is just one of many barriers that drive people part when they should be pulling together.

Breaking down these barriers and forming collaborative relationships requires that you consider new ways of thinking about the people who do not agree with you.


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