Doers Work Well With Others

Before you decide to join forces with a colleague you have to ask yourself the question:  “What’s in it for me?” At first glance there may appear to be very little benefit. You may have to look a little closer before you realize that you cannot do it alone and really do need what the other person brings to the table.

Even if you believe the other person to be incompetent, there is no way you re ever going to find out if that is true unless you work along side him or her long enough to confirm your suspicions. Each person with whom you work brings to the job a set of abilities and experiences that are different from yours.

It is possible that neither of you have the necessary skills to complete the task on your own. So, by combining your individual talents your potential for success is higher than what either of you could have achieved independently.

Something unique happens when Doers partner with their peers to complete an assignment neither of them could have completed on their own. A creative spirit emerges that was not there before; it feels like an unseen hand is lifting you up. Your desire to build upon the relationship increases, as you feel inspired to dig deeper and aim higher on the next project.

One of the benefits of collaborating is that you can still retain your sense of personal worth while tapping into the other person’s eagerness to succeed. Even if your first attempt fails to meet your mutual expectations, you can still try again after you have both thought about what could have been and realize what is missing.

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