Honest Feedback Reinforces Excellence


Leaders should be continuously providing evaluations and honest feedback, while addressing poor performance and inappropriate behavior in a timely way. Evaluations contribute to the overall morale of the workforce; the immediate feedback clears up confusion, reinforces excellence, and helps reassure people that their growth within the company is on track.

When hard work is recognized, it provides Doers with the incentive to reach for even loftier goals. This is especially important for the type of high achievers companies want to attract.

Addressing poor performance is also important because it raises the overall performance levels and reassures Doers that the company’s status as a place that rewards excellence and discourages substandard work is deserved.

All employees should be encouraged to field complaints, accept criticism, challenge inconsistencies, and communicate negative information without prejudice. This establishes your company as a place where open communication is the norm.

Doers want assurances that they will, in fact, be supported for trying to rectify problems, not penalized for it, that honesty counts, and that they do not have to suffer the frustration of hiding the truth. To excel, Doers must trust that their own mistakes can be aired and corrected without fear that it will be constantly held against them and hamper their career path.

The Doer-friendly organization, which every modern organization needs to become, supports experimentation and in turn, attracts creative thinkers who value and support teamwork. In the end, the only thing that is measured or remembered is success.

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