Women Are The Ultimate Doers


Women are the ultimate Doers. For decades their very survival in workplaces around the world has depended on their collaboration skills, and their ability to take action and get things done often without acceptance, recognition or appreciation.

It is time now to pay closer attention to the “inclusionary thinking” (lets find the best way) traits that women bring to the key managerial functions. The way women think and feel (simultaneous right and left brain activation) is the primary source of collaboration and cooperation in any sustainable workplace.

The out dated male tendency toward “exclusionary thinking” (my way is the best way) fosters myopic decision making which limits the organization’s ability to recognize and act upon the need for change in time for it to matter.

The longstanding tendency to overlook women for positions of higher authority, commonly labeled as the “glass ceiling,” has resulted in a lack of institutional opportunity for women to be valued for their problem solving and decision-making attributes.

The declining presence of women in the top ranks has been cited as the reason for a disturbing trend whereby enterprising women are less likely to pursue a career in a tradition-bound organization opting instead to start firms and foundations of their own.

Statistics from the US Small Business Administration show that the success rate of business start-ups has been significantly increasing over the past five years, which is correlated to the increase of the number of women-owned businesses.

One female entrepreneur for example started training woman as ‘coders’ for the high tech industry because universities were not recruiting women into this male dominated field of study. So far she has placed 40,000 women in high paying jobs nationally.

Another women started a company that trains mechanical workers for the energy industry and is then reimbursed by companies like AT&T and General Electric once her certified graduates are placed on the job and found to have the requisite skills for success.

The smart thing to do is to establish an open-learning forum where both genders gather to discuss and discover how to identify environments where female leadership is celebrated, female achievements are recognized and rewarded, and where female core values and underlying assumptions are shared and affirmed.


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