Doers A Cautious About Joining Cliques


Workplace cliques are made up of like-minded people who think, feel and act in a similar manner. Thus, joining a clique is tempting for anyone with a need to belong.

Cliques can be a source of positive, collective influence. If you belong to a clique that understands and supports the corporate vision, you stand a greater chance of being rewarded with rapid promotions and increased job responsibilities.

Problems occur, however, when cliques encourage practices that the higher ups don’t condone. Cliques that intentionally ignore or purposely thwart management policies and directives are detrimental to the individual members and disruptive to the organization.

One of the first challenges Doers face is an effort by counter-culture cliques to recruit those who seem uncertain or confused. Think carefully before you associate with these folks. Just because they seem agreeable and friendly doesn’t mean they are right for you.

Your choice of cliques can have serious consequences. If you join one that management perceives negatively you risk being labeled a disgruntled worker at best and a trouble maker at worst.

You are more likely to receive accurate information from an authorized source than from a clique. So, don’t hesitate to admit when you need clarity or a better understanding of your job duties. By seeking guidance and direction from your supervisor you will avoid being drawn into a clique.

Professing your need for timely feedback from a sanctioned official sends a clear message that you are an independent thinker with a mind of your own. It also allows you to get the latest and most reliable information first hand. Lastly, it signals the cliques you wish to avoid that you are not a likely candidate for membership.

Note: Joining the wrong clique can hamper your chances of success.

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