Put Yourself In A Learning Mode


Self-examination is a great way to discover what it is you don’t know. Most people have little interest in learning without some external motivation. Perhaps you’re the exception and are eager to know how self-directed learning takes place.

  • Stage 1: You don’t know what you don’t know.

Even though you’re missing the mark, you’re unaware of that possibility. The potential for mistakes is high because there’s no motivation to learn new ways.

  • Stage 2: You know what you don’t know.

Suddenly you become aware that your lack of knowledge is having a negative effect on outcomes. You’re mindful of your shortcomings and your motivation to learn is high.

  • Stage 3: You know what you know.

You’re pleased with your newfound capabilities and seek opportunities to show off new skills. Your motivation to learn has been satisfied and your confidence has returned.

  • Stage 4: You don’t know what you know.

Satisfied with the status quo, you have no motivation to learn. Unaware of any shortcomings, you’re only a short step away from losing your competitive edge.

So, where do you start?

The best place to plug in is at Stage 2 where you discover what’s not working and become proactive in improving your situation. This stage is the only time you purposely pause to consider the highest and best use of your abilities and to think about what’s blocking your path to becoming a Doer.

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