Doers Need A Sense Of Direction

doerOrganizations are still about people and how well they work together. But workplace relationships take time to develop, and in this day of rapid change and fast turnaround, time is at a premium. Therefore, connecting the Doers as soon as they are hired is critical. From the start they need a sense of direction and the knowledge that their actions are in line with their own career objectives as well as appropriate for the company.

What will drive Doers out of your organization during the probation period are their peers, not management. When newly hired Doers find that information has been purposely withheld to make them look bad, it creates an atmosphere of animosity. The old guard should be encouraged to mentor and guide new hires, rather than criticize, ignore and ostracize them.

Research shows that the most competent, functional workers are the first to flee a hostile workplace. Management must take an active role in linking the old and the new. Veterans have an important part to play in bringing rookies up to speed and helping them fit in fast and find job satisfaction quickly.

Someone with executive authority should always be available to solve significant problems; especially the kind that bring production and services to a halt. This lets the Doers know that the chain of command is working and that someone with decision-making power is easy to locate.

Key executives should stay inside the company, and not continually be away at conferences or tied up in meetings. When leaders are accessible, Doers have the satisfaction and the validation of receiving feedback from those they respect. One cannot underestimate how inspiring this is.

Businesses have no choice in a tight employment market except to find ways to foster an environment that promotes harmony, boosts morale, supports creativity, encourages honest communication and induces high motivation.

External motivators like salary and perks have a limited shelf life. The enduring attractions to Doers are the opportunity to grow in their profession, to make a difference, and to accomplish something within your company they could not accomplish elsewhere.

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